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And when you feel a bit down in the dumps sometimes you need something relatable and so I gave this a go. The kind of feeling that shows you even smack talk can give warmth and fuck yous are really I care for yous. The story is told between four narrators at a conversational level that really sets the mood of the novel. These four people find themselves atop the same tower at New Years Eve planning to commit suicide. Unsurprisingly, they postpone, get to talking and somehow their differences in character causes their interactions to be a bit comical.

It could have easily been overtly dramatic and begging but it refused to look at suicide that way. It was playful without being offensive, and had just the right amount of crankiness for something with such a sensitive topic. A bizarre ball of humanity, fun, and wisdom this is.

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This book dealt with the issues of depression and suicide in a really fascinating manner. It presented four different characters, with four different circumstances.

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I guess it wants to say that each person has their own story, they have their own problems, and consequently their own journeys. But what this book emphasized is togetherness and company when battling these problems. Sometimes all you need is someone to be with, not even to talk to, but just knowing that someone is there for you, that can be a big relief. The four of them drew strength from each other. Maybe finding the right people to enjoy the ride with will make you stay.

View all 7 comments. Oct 24, Josh Feinzimer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: to people who are secure enough to laugh at their own despair. Shelves: comedy. A Long Way Down was recommended to me by a friend and I needed a light read for the summer so I picked it up. I have never actually laughed out loud while reading a book until I read this one.

Running With Scissors was the closest I came, but Augusten Burroughs was such an unrealistic and absurd character, which is ironic because he was based on a real person , that it seemed too ridiculous to I didn't get into Hornby for the same reason as everyone else, they like Jon Cusak in High Fidelity. Running With Scissors was the closest I came, but Augusten Burroughs was such an unrealistic and absurd character, which is ironic because he was based on a real person , that it seemed too ridiculous to find laugh-out-loud funny.

Hornby's characters were genuine and honest. In my third year of college, after changing my major for the third time, I studied Psychology.


I received a more realistic depiction of depression from this story than I found in any of my textbooks that entire semester. If you've ever had a bad day, a bad week or even a bad year, you can surely identify with the characters in this book. I identified with the American rockstar because what young person growing up in this country doesn't aspire to be famous?

For me, it was professional sports, but the thought process was identical: strike it rich, score with hot groupies and rub it in everyone's face who never believed in you I also enjoyed this book because the ending is not wrapped with a nice little bow, as any book about suicide should steer clear of.

The TV personality learns at the end that they each of the main characters had made mistakes that they couldn't ever have back. But the key to going on with your life is finding a little something in each day that makes you want to experience the next. Apr 27, Clay rated it it was amazing. This book, as many others, is not for everyone. I can completely understand that many people find those characters annoying and the whole story pointless. Nevertheless I am of the opinion that this book can give you hope.

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Of course this seems to be a silly thing to say considering the topic and all those miserable characters. But let me explain. Apparently Johnny Depp called the characters some of the most outstanding he's ever had the pleasure of reading. And I can agree. They're all really fuc This book, as many others, is not for everyone. They're all really fucked up, but also lovable.


Sometimes I find myself grabbing the book just to read a page or another to have one of them accompany me. Especially Martin. He's so bitter but extremely funny. And I think that the most important thing about this book, apart from the great writing, is that you learn to look at situations with much more humour.

You could have easily written a real downer with the same characters. But you look at things in a different way. It's also remarkable that in fact hardly anything happens that makes their life better, but they have each other and you have them too in a certain way.


I really hated it and it still makes me angry whenever I think about it. I'm going to lower my rating to 1 star. I had to read this book for college, and when I read the synopsis, I thought it seemed quite good. I liked the idea, but the characters completely ruined this for me and not much happened as well. It was invented for people like Virginia Woolf and Nick Drake.

And me. Suicide was supposed to be cool. But they helped bring it back into fashion. Being gay was a bit like the Olympics: it disappeared in ancient times, and then they brought it back in the twentieth century. Second of all, being gay was never "out of fashion", it was and in some places still is taboo, so people didn't talk about it!

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And just because he is American and, according to you, looks gay, doesn't mean he is. Oh my God, I cannot believe how ignorant Maureen is, I can't believe she has been on Earth her whole life, not Mars or something! He wants to commit suicide because his band broke up and his girlfriend dumped him. Jess is also depressed because her boyfriend left her.

What are the chances, eh? Why are female characters who are "good", sexually inexperienced?

Destroy the idea that women can't be sexual in order to be good and likeable! Stop being so sexist! He judges everyone else based on a stereotype that is so incorrect. Just because you listen to rock music, doesn't mean you are better than other people! I am not a baseball-cap sort of a chap, and I abhor people who wear any sort of headgear during dinner.

Oh yes Martin, you should totally commit suicide because you have to wear a baseball cap You had sex with a fifteen year old girl while you are over forty years old!!! You are a pedophile! And I was so disappointed in class that a lot of people don't think this way. Some thought Martin didn't do anything wrong because the girl wanted to have sex and he didn't know her age. Martin should have known better, stop victim blaming! You should just have to see a therapist, or give some money to charity, or something.

Do you really think it's a punishment for someone who has tons of money to give some of it to charity?!

You shouldn't commit a crime if you can't handle the consequences, regardless the amount of money you have! Get off your high horse man! It's about a middle aged man practically raping a fifteen year old! This book made me want to kill someone, particularly, Martin!

This is fiction, but I know for a fact that there are a lot of privileged white men who think just like him, and that makes me sick! I only liked Jess. But her chapters were torture, they were written like this: "I'm like It's not enjoyable to read that. It's also stereotypical of the writer to assume that all teenagers talk like that.

So he should be more respectful of mine. Sep 05, Mark rated it did not like it. Boy, is there anyone who has offered up more stinkers than Nick flippin' Hornby. And, was he so great to begin with? Even his better, earlier works were marginally good. Nothing life changing. Which is kinda the point of why he's so awful: he is intentionally trying to be life changing in every book, essay, magazine column or whatever.