Guide Gestalt Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques

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Holism and the Orientation Towards Health. The Awareness Continuum. Individualism and Field Paradigms. The Contact Boundary. Resistances, Interruptions, Moderations to Contact. Dimensions of Contact. Unfinished Business: The Zeigarnik Effect. Caring and Creative Indifference. The Paradoxical Theory of Change. Autonomous and Aesthetic Criterion.

Gestalt Therapy Role-Play - Empty Chair Technique with Strained Relationship

Support as 'That Which Enables'. Contact and Resistance. The Five Abilities. The Therapy Setting and Context. Expectations explored, Contracts established. Listening to the Client's Story. Process Diagnosis. The Client's Situation. The Client's Contact Functions. Transference, Counter-transference, and Co-transference Possibilities.

How the client "Bodies Forth". Treatment Planning: Planning the Journey. Section 3. The Lifespace and the Field. Viewing the Lifespace through a Developmental Lens.

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The Therapy Space as Present Situation. The Need Organises the Field. Investigating Supports. Shame and Guilt as Functions of the Field. A Setting for Challenge and Experiment.

The Cultural Field. Creative Experimentation.

Gestalt Therapy

Use of Metaphor and Fantasy. Homework and Practising. Sensations and Feelings.

Co-creation, Temporality, Horizontalism. Transcendental Phenomenology and Husserl.

The Discipline of Phenomenological Reduction. Existential Phenomenology: 'I am'. Intersubjectivity: I am Always Embedded in my Experience. Attending to the Bodily 'Felt Sense'. Projective Identification. Energy, Interests, Needs, Vitality. Awareness and Diminished Awareness. Patterns of Contacting.

Working with Dreams. The Between. Commitment to Dialogue. Living the Relationship. Rupture and Repair. Aggressing on the Environment. Developmental Theory. The Five Layers Model. Developing Supports.

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100 Key Points and Techniques, 1st Edition

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