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Neoliberal Moral Economy

Are we in the grip of "zombie capitalism," the "strange non-death of neoliberalism," and the renewed "spirit of neoliberalism," as claimed by Chris Harman, Stanley Crouch, and Manuel Aalbers, respectively; or are there glimmerings of a new "cultural front" -- new conjunctions of social action, particularly through global networks and digital technologies? We welcome papers that address the implications of these contemporary manifestations of neoliberal culture, as well as papers that explore interventions and disruptions to the ideologies and practices that inform neoliberal culture.

What has been the impact of the contemporary global marketing of culture, and cultural identity, on the cultures of the wider Pacific? What forms of social and mental habits have become necessary to negotiate this culturalisation of the economy, and what alternative models of exchange and value might be possible?

Sites: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies seeks multidisciplinary perspectives on the study of societies and cultures of the wider Pacific region.

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We welcome work from authors in the fields of anthropology, cultural studies, indigenous studies, Maori studies, sociology, media studies, communication, heritage studies, cultural policy studies, history, gender, linguistics, and ethnomusicology. Papers should be around 8, words in length, formatted in the most recent version of APA style.

Guidelines for submission are available at:. The editors welcome extended abstracts in advance if you wish to discuss your topic prior to submission. This scholarly work on the contradictory changes of socio-cultural moral decadence is timely for understanding the current dynamics of Uganda after the neo-liberal capitalist reforms. An interesting and novel contribution to understanding the relationship between political economy and moral economy, developed both theoretically and through an empirical study of the impact of neoliberal reforms in Uganda.

The book makes an important contribution to the literature on post Uganda and provides important insights into contemporary perceptions and experiences of social life and the moral and economic dynamics that have unfolded under the current regime.

William Davies: A Bibliographic Review of Neoliberalism

It unmasks the dangers and absurdities of neoliberalism and raises important questions — not just for scholars of Uganda — about the state of morality under contemporary capitalism. The book is ambitious in scope and stimulating as a set of arguments. It is densely written and detailed in observation… Neoliberal Moral Economy is a rare and imaginative piece of work. It brings together a new way of seeing Uganda with a moral way of thinking about the broad transformations that have taken place in the developing world and elsewhere over the past thirty years.

At the core of this book is the question: What explains the prevalence of fraud in contemporary capitalist societies?

In Uganda it has spread to that point that artistes and dramatists use the subject of fraud in their creative work highlighting its rather normalized status. It also uncovers and presents in unprecedented depth the socio-economic perspectives and experiences of traders and farmers in contemporary Uganda.

It is a book very much worth reading. The material from years of fieldwork tells a heart-breaking story of economic and social self-reliance, and pride, being systematically undermined.

Neoliberal Globalization

He charts the collapse of a former morality of life and economy — to a new world, and its corresponding new morality. Neoliberal Moral Economy: Capitalism, Socio-Cultural Change and Fraud in Uganda offers a much-needed examination of social and cultural changes and moral practices that come with neoliberalism as a global ideology and economic program that is conducive to fraud and corruption.

Sociologists and human rights scholars exploring how the global neoliberal political economy has restricted socioeconomic equality, giving birth to a new type of moral economy in the Global South in general, and postcolonial African societies in particular, will find this book very interesting. The reader gets the sense that, if life is to improve for ordinary Ugandans, the whole neoliberal apparatus must be dismantled, and a democratic-socialist system restored in its place…. Wiegratz notes that the capitalist economy only claimed to have moved beyond morality: capitalist economies, including the recent neoliberal economies, are themselves moral economies, and should not be allowed to hide their moral underpinnings in order to seem natural, inevitable, and transcendent.

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Neoliberalism comes with its own unacknowledged morality, and it is this that Wiegratz intends to reveal and criticize in the contemporary Ugandan setting…. In this respect, it has the strengths of an ethnography, although Wiegratz does not follow current ethnographic conventions as closely as [Catherine] Honeyman does [in The Orderly Entrepreneur ]. Whereas Honeyman is always careful to set the scene in which various opinions are expressed and actions observed—and conscientiously includes herself as observer in that scene—Wiegratz tends to maintain the top-down, wide angle view more typical of political science than cultural anthropology.

A solid empirical study of the perception of the changes to the Ugandan moral and political economy.

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As such, the book will be valuable to readers interested in the concrete e ff ects of SAPs on African rural economies and in the recent political history of Uganda more generally. Request Inspection Copy.

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Add to cart. Pages: Monograph. Buy in the Americas. Categories: Political Economy,. Description Table of contents Author This book offers a fresh take on a major question of global debate: what explains the rise in economic fraud in so many societies around the world?