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No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy by Dan S. Kennedy | Waterstones

Preferred contact method Email Text message. When will my order be ready to collect? Following the initial email, you will be contacted by the shop to confirm that your item is available for collection. Call us on or send us an email at. However, a great deal of discovery and growth and progress and success is preceded by discomfort. This is a very blunt book-The "No B.

No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy

And a lot of what is published elsewhere about wealth is in the feel-good category. This book includes a fair amount of things those other authors probably know but keep to themselves, lacking the courage to say them publicly, certain they will offend people. I have never been concerned with who I may offend and I'm not about to start worrying about it now.

I didn't even sugarcoat many of these discomfort producing statements, building up to them gently, wrapping them in entertaining parables.

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This IS the No B. To avoid having wasted the price of this book and, more importantly, to avoid missing out on incredible opportunities to transform your life for the better, you need to tolerate some of this discomfort, to patiently and carefully consider ideas and suggestions that at first seem dead wrong, illogical, irrational, and unreasonable to you. To encourage you, I'm going to briefly describe my "qualifications," to convince you that I am a person you should take seriously, even though I'm presenting ideas you find difficult to accept. I tell you these things not to brag. I have no need.

Wealth Attraction in the New Economy I started out in life broke, no family resources. I have no college degree.

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By traditional predictive factors, I'm a man least likely to succeed. Before age 50, solely via my own entrepreneurial pursuits, I had amassed sufficient wealth to allow me to stop working and never make another dollar if I so chose. I have built, bought, sold businesses, developed hugely successful businesses, even invented an entire industry.

I have achieved prominence, some degree of fame. In recent years, money has flowed to me in ever increasing abundance even as my interest in it has waned. I have made millions of dollars a year in personal income. I own a nice home, own many racehorses, own other good investments, classic cars, have zero debt, and live exactly as I wish in every respect.

I work closely, privately with hundreds of multimillionaire and seven-figure-income entrepreneurs, most of whom have created their businesses from scratch, many quickly, many with my assistance from the start. These millionaires literally stand in line and pay huge sums for my advice. These people take me very seriously. I have taught them how to go beyond the making of money to the attraction of wealth.

Again, I tell you all this to evidence the value and validity of the ideas in this book, even though they may seem "weird" to you.

If you stop to think about it, it's probably true that most of what you've been taught about money, opportunity, and wealth was taught to you by people without wealth. Most of the people you've associated with, whose opinions about money you've heard often, aren't wealthy. Most of what is your present Belief System about wealth was built with raw material you obtained from unwealthy sources. In stark contrast to those sources, I am it wealthy source.

If my ideas didn't contradict, conflict, and challenge those in your present belief system, something would be wrong! Incidentally, I fully realize you may be quite successful in your own right. I suspect that's the case. Poor people rarely buy books with "wealth" in the title, just one of the many reasons they stay poor.

So I do not discount your accomplishments or your knowledge. But I've worked with a great many successful people who struggled mightily to get there, who succeed despite their beliefs about wealth rather than thanks to them. I have watched such people go through the most amazing transformations and liberation with the ideas in this book.

You will meet some of them in the book. No matter how successful you may be, I am confident you will find some ideas in this book that will surprise you, shock l::fow- 'I'o Get a C. To get your collection, you need to go online to www. All these resources are free. Beyond that, there is also a free trial membership available that includes my newsletter, audio programs, webinars, and more-details on page of this book. You can accept membership immediately. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy you, challenge you, liberate you, benefit you. I am confident that Donald Trump could read this book and find something to use, to attract even greater wealth, more easily than ever before.

Ideally, our work on wealth attraction won't stop with this book. Book Roadmap Section 1 has 28 Wealth Magnets-including two that are entirely new to this otherwise revised and updated New Economy edition of this book originally published in and, I'm pleased to say, popular since then. These Magnets are not in sequential order because there is no sequential order to put them in. They are to be used simultaneously.

You might think of them as puzzle pieces laid out on the tabletop, waiting for you to fit them together in a way that works best for you. You can also treat it as a cafeteria line, choosing and working with only the one or two or three that seem most important to you at the moment, but I would emphasize that the great wealth attractors use them all. Section 2 provides two bonus chapters written by individuals who are applying many of the Magnets to their respective businesses in extraordinary ways.