Guide So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood, and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids

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There was a whole new escalation in gender division when children began to become a market. Marketers are making it the most extreme they possibly can for that reason. Sexy is part of that marketing to girls -- just as macho and violent has become the way to market things to boys. What about boys?

“Sexy” Rosie the Riveter

Are they under any similar pressures that you see reflected in Halloween costumes? Mimicking these characters is about being ready to fight, to be macho. For boys, choosing these costumes, the ideal is an image of toughness. But it also becomes the basis for how they treat other girls. To me, this is objectification of both boys and girls -- allowing little human beings to be treated as if they were objects.

Girls learn to judge boys by how well they meet that objective definition of mindless, unfeeling machoism. And boys learn to judge girls by how sexy they are. There could be -- we need to learn more about this. These ambiguous sexual connections are going to make it harder and harder for men who have difficulty drawing those boundaries to make distinctions too.

The idea of having a pretty body at 7 -- what does that mean? The body held up to them is not the average body of an 8-year-old. That concerns me.

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Right now, the boxes are pretty much disconnected. The pop culture box is getting bigger and bigger, and the home and family box is getting crowded out. The result is that kids are seeing their parents as stupid, out of touch and obstructionist at an earlier and earlier age and considering them irrelevant.

We need to make the pop culture box as small as we can, and to make the family and society box as big as we can, and to draw connections between the two. How about this one -- which looks a little sexy to me but I feel OK with it? About Us. Brand Publishing.

Times News Platforms. She was also pretty sure that if James shared the secret with her, he was asking for something, but what exactly was it? Rather than try to work it all out with James at that moment, Nora decided to buy some time to think about what to do. After the event was over, there was a lot for Nora to consider. Why did James decide to disclose the secret to her and do it through his daily journal?

Why did he choose to focus on the breasts?

About Jean – Jean Kilbourne

Did he know that focusing on them could be seen as provocative to his teacher or have sexual connotations? After all, what signifies sex to an adult might mean something quite different to a five-? Was James trying to use his drawing to brag and feel more grown up about his having seen this grown-? Or could he have made his drawing because he needed someone to talk to about it when he knew he?

Was he testing Nora to see if she would get upset or angry, or looking to her to help him sort the experience out? Nora began to think about the issue more broadly than just about James. Well, then, whom are they talking to? And when they do experience the forbidden fruit, what does it teach them about honesty and deceit and about the nature of their relationship with the important adults in their lives?

But Nora? She began to think about what should happen beyond the classroom. What should the role of schools be in helping children and their parents deal with the sexualized media culture? How was this experience with James related to debates that were raging around the country about whether to teach sex education— and, if so, what kind and when? If she did talk to them, would this upset James and make him feel he?

Nora was aware of a Kaiser Family Foundation report that found that many children spend more time involved with media than on anything else but sleeping. So why? If children? Did their involvement with the disturbing and confusing images and behaviors they saw distract them from giving their all to traditional schoolwork? Meghan had always tried to protect Eva from exposure to violence and sex in the media.

But ever since Eva had entered a large elementary school with many children who were not as protected as Eva, Meghan felt she was increasingly losing her ability to control this exposure. This new episode left Meghan feeling that things were really out of control. She had been aware, with some degree of ambivalence, that she might need to talk with Eva about issues such as oral sex during the adolescent or even the preadolescent years.

She had heard news reports about incidents of oral sex in high schools. She had read that several boys at a private school near Boston were expelled because a girl had performed oral sex on all of them in the locker room. More recently, a friend had told her that two girls at a bar mitzvah had performed oral sex on the bar mitzvah boy in a bathroom.

Are Girls Too Sexy Too Soon? [STREET SOLDIERS]

She certainly was disturbed by these incidents, but she was utterly appalled that the subject had come up with Eva at age seven! Meghan and her husband had talked about how they wanted to be open and comfortable with Eva when talking about sex. This was simply not what they had had in mind! Should Meghan actually describe oral sex?

What could this possibly mean to a seven-? Meghan also? Where were they getting this language? What did they know? See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Sexy content on almost every television channel, as well as in movies and video games. Popular culture and technology inundate our boys and girls with an onslaught of graphic sexual messages at earlier ages than ever before. Without the emotional sophistication to understand what they are doing and seeing, kids are getting into increasing trouble emotionally and socially.

Parents are left shaking their heads, wondering: How did this happen?

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What can we do? Diane E. Levin, Ph. Filled with savvy suggestions, helpful sample dialogues, and poignant stories from families dealing with these issues, So Sexy So Soon provides parents with the information, skills, and confidence they need to discuss sensitive topics openly and effectively—so their kids can just be kids. About the Author Diane E. She is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop presenter and has been a guest on many radio and television programs. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Jean Kilbourne, Ed.

Kids, pop culture and sex: What's a parent to do?

The New York Times Magazine named her one of the three most popular speakers on college campuses. She has testified for the U. Congress and been an adviser to two surgeons general. Show More. Average Review.